Our lab has devoted considerable time to building and characterizing several specialized stimulus sets that we use in our research. While collection and publication is still currently ongoing for some of these projects, we look forward to making these full sets publically available. In the meantime, we offer some sample sets below. If you are interested in receiving more information about any of the stimuli described, please email the lab at mendesiedlecki.lab@gmail.com!

The Delaware Database of Painful Expressions

We have spent the past year developing a large database of painful facial expressions. The final set will comprise over 1000 expressions from 251 targets, and will be diverse in terms of race, gender, and expression variability. To be contacted once publication of this set is complete, please email mendesiedlecki.lab@gmail.com. 

In the meantime, we have made a small sample of these stimuli available for download. Please click to download sets of White, Black, and Asian targets posing painful expressions. Each set contains neutral and painful expressions for four male and four female targets.

Comprehensive Database of Social Behaviors

We are currently developing a ~1500-item database of sentences describing social behaviors, which will each be normed on valence, arousal, perceived frequency, moral relevance, and perceived stereotypicality (in terms of race, gender, class, and ideology). To be contacted once these stimuli are available, please email mendesiedlecki.lab@gmail.com.

At present, we have a smaller database available for download, comprising 456 behaviors characterized in terms of valence, arousal, perceived frequency, moral relevance, which you can download here.