Peter Mende-Siedlecki

Lab Director

Peter received his BA from Columbia University, his PhD from Princeton University, and his postdoctoral training at NYU. When he isn't rooting for Minnesota sports teams or going on and on about how great the Upper West Side of Manhattan is, Peter takes a dynamic, multi-level approach to interactions between social perception, social cognition, and social identity. 



Lab Manager

Jingrun received her BA in Psychology from Boston College. Working as a research assistant in the lab of Dr. Liane Young, she developed her research interest in a multi-level approach to theory of mind, especially how it affects people’s decision-making. Jingrun is also interested in how pain perception is shaped by individual differences and cultural backgrounds. 



Graduate Student

Alexis is a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Delaware. She received her BA from Cal State Fullerton, where she researched how eyebrows contribute to face recognition. Her research interests focus on understanding intergroup conflict. She is always listening to a podcast and looking for new plants to nurture.



Graduate Student

Azaadeh is a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Delaware. She is interested social perception, specifically how group identities inform impression formation as well as the behavioral and structural consequences of these impressions. She is also interested in understanding how the perceptual and neural mechanisms underlying these behaviors may inform interventions aimed at mitigating social disparities among groups.

Robert backer

Secondary Graduate Student

Robert is a PhD student in psychology at University of Delaware, studying social neuroscience. His research interests are inspired by identity, as it interacts with dynamic psychological processes, having implications for wellbeing. He received his Master's in psychology from UPenn, and prior to his research career, ran a professional coaching practice spanning New York and Philadelphia.


Undergraduate Research Assistants

We have a truly fantastic team of talented undergraduate research assistants who work on various projects in the lab, with weekly duties ranging from creating new stimuli, to running behavioral participants, to assisting with data collection at the CBBI scanner next door. Right now, we're thrilled to have the following folks working with us:

Leana Owens

Bria Turner

Daysi Torres-Vanegas

Camryn Isaksen

Abeer Jafil

Sophia Crisomia

Katelyn Ohl

Ogechi Okorie

Julian Urbina

Amanda Bowman


Lab Manager Alumni

Jennie (wen) Qu-LEE

Jennie managed the Mende-Siedlecki lab from 2016 to 2018. She is currently a PhD student at NYU, where she works with Dr. Emily Balcetis. Jennie's research interests range from the psychological and neurocognitive mechanisms of impression forming to intergroup decision-making. She utilizes a multi-level approach and hopes to build long-lasting interventions to reduce prejudice.


Research Assistant Alumni

Olivia Stibolt ('18) is a research specialist in the lab of Dr. Cindy Bukach at University of Richmond.

Sloan Ferron ('19) is a lab manager and research assistant for the Social Detection Lab and the MAC Lab at Denver University (PIs: Dr. Kimberly Chiew & Dr. Paige Lloyd).

Dani Schwartz ('19) is a lab manager for the Aging, Culture, and Cognition Lab at Brandeis University (PI: Dr. Angela Gutchess).

Erika Burley

Amanda Campanaro

Cara Crosby

Lauren Davis

Aislinn DeSieghardt

Edoardo Frezza

Chris Gibbons

Grace Gleason

Nicole Kozak

Alex Klysa

Dustin Prusisz

Paula Salvador

Cherry Tomatsu